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Customer Service

Customer Service

We always strive to do more for our customers

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At Stone Industries, we believe that taking care of our customers always comes first. So one side is, we put the production planning and customer service together to achieve on-time delivery, meet customers requirement, provide technical support and solve challenges that may arise.

The other side is continuous improvement - We believe that by engaging our people, developing standards and consistently assessing our work, we are able to improve quality and efficiency in order to better serve our customers.

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  • Head Office
    Stone industrial Co., LTD

    Tel: +86 28 8666 2540

    Fax: +86 28 8666 2034


  • Filiale in USA
    Stone Metals America, LLC

    Tel: 469.450.1671

  • Filiale in Germany
    Stone & Robert Maschinenteile GmbH

    Tel: +49 2406 6676 275