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Stamping - also called pressing - is a fast and cost-effective solution for this large-quantity manufacturing need. It contains three important features: High quality & durability, Low cost and Fast turnaround time.

stamping productsStamping involves placing flat sheet metal, in either coil or blank form, into a stamping press. In the press, a tool and die surface form the metal into the desired shape. Punching, blanking, bending, coining, embossing, and flanging are all stamping techniques used to shape the metal.

Tooling is the key to guarantee the accuracy of Stamping, our engineers design the tooling via CAD/CAM technology. These designs must be as precise as possible to ensure each punch and bend maintains proper clearance and, therefore, optimal part quality. A single tool 3D model can contain hundreds of parts, so the design process is often quite complex and time-consuming. Once the tool’s design is established, we use a variety of machining, grinding, wire EDM and other manufacturing services to complete its production.

Stamping components are widely applied to industries in automotive, aerospace, medical, and other markets. As global markets evolve, there is an escalated need for quickly-produced large quantities of complex parts.

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