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the Advantages of White Corundum in Casting


1.The shell made of white corundum has stable thermochemical properties and high fluidity, which can avoid the problem of layer formation.

2.White corundum has high strength, low gas development and low expansion coefficient, which will not expand and crack at high temperature.

3.Due to its high temperature resistance, the casting with white corundum not only has good mold release property but also anti adhering sand property, and its shell will not decorticate, whose curing speed is also very fast.

4.Casting with white corundum, its slack is good, for the casting surface, both the degree of finish and flatness can meet the requirements.

White corundum is widely used in precision casting, which is a kind of commonly used shell material for investment casting, such as alloy casting, core surface sand and coating, and can even replace zircon sand to a certain extent.